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Copy All To One  v.3.311

You can collect all and copy it to harddisk and sort all files from all sub folders to one big folder or several single main folders and put it to back on DVD again much better, "well arranged" I make this program for i have a lot of downloaded files

Billiard game One pocket. One pocket  v.09

Billiard game One pocket. One pocket is a strategic game for two players. Each player is assigned one of the corner pockets on the table. This is the only pocket into which he can legally pocket balls. The first player to pocket the majority of the b

One by One Copy Manager  v.1.0

This application is to copy a list of files that you previously selected, one by one, in the chosen folders The software is written in C + + using the QT Framework (GUI).

Pc-To-Pc-Chat  v.20.1.57

Pc-To-Pc-Chat 20.

InSpeak Communicator  v.

Features: Communicate privately and securely Send instant messages online and offline! Chat one to one with friends and family using voice and video Send and resume the transfer of files and pictures Meet new friends in text, voice and video


1CLICK BLURAY COPY is a one-to-one Blu-ray copy program that is fast and easy to use. Insert an original Blu-ray movie disc and 1CLICK will burn an exact copy to a blank Blu-ray media (same size as the original). Note: This program is free to try

SmartVizor Bill Statement Printing  v.

SmartVizor is a stand alone,powerful and extremely easy to use Bill statement printing application. SmartVizor Suite is a software solution for creating personalized communications and professional one to one documents. It is one of the least

Edit AutoFocus for Mac OS  v.2.15

Makes the best of all digital photos/logos or illustrations: - Advanced DeBlur to Perform DeConvolution that invert the blurring process - Reduces/Removes line screen patterns from flatbed scans - Fast preview at the one to one level of the final

GemQuake  v.1.1

This is another Tetris-based game, using groups of colored gems instead of blocks. In the By-stages mode the objective is destroying groups of gems of the same color (one or two players), but the better thing is the One to One mode. In this mode, if

Aspbeans  v.1.0

aspbeans is a framework allowing translation between bean-like .NET objects and ASP web forms, allowing forms to be mapped to an object-oriented hierarchy (with relationships like many-to-one or one-to-one). Reduces coupling and makes developers

Distributed Application Agent  v.1.02

The Application Agent (AA) is a software providing the platform and mechanism for the distributed/parallel applications to interact and negotiate with the underlying grid resource infrastructure such as Condor and SGE on one-to-one and dynamic

DynamicURLS: Personalized Landing Pages  v.15

Marketing software for direct mail, email & web. One-to-one marketing solution creates purl landing page urls, personalized URLS (aka purls), response URLS (aka RURLS) & squeeze pages. Ideal for variable digital printing or print on demand

HtmlMgr  v.2010.

Java browser and wysiwyg | source editor of html SFI(Structure-Fragment-Identifier)-files: 1) creates dynamically Table-Of-Contents 2) One-to-One mapping ToC - browser|editors 3) indexes the words 4) developers can use it for their

Inglespadi  v.1.0

Build a web site to translate text from English to Spanish for the words which have a direct translaction one to one. The result is a page with the original text and the translation downline.(Sitio Web para traducir de Ingles' a

OBI-Warp  v.0.9.4

Ordered Bijective Interpolated Warping (OBI-Warp) aligns matrices using Dynamic Time Warping with a one-to-one (bijective) smooth warp-function. It is ideal for the chromatographic alignment of complex mass spectrometry proteomics

Popup  v.1

DescriptionPopup is an interactive learning aid for one-to-one word mappings. It works by presenting several possible answers to for a word query to the user, out of which a choice is made by mouseclick. This allows a very fast learning

Sormula  v.1.7

Simple ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for Java. Uses minimal annotations to provide select, insert, update, and delete operations to any table. One-to-one and one-to-many cascading for unlimited levels. Simplified IN operator parameter as

SQLEdit WebGUI Wobject  v.06.02.02

A WebGUI Wobject to create simply web database interface to add, to edit and to delete data. It supports single table, one-to-one and one-to-many related

007Designer  v.1.0

Platform independent variable data printing / publishing software. Combine text, images and database content with conditionals to output personalized, custom documents for direct mail and other one-to-one communications.

Fugger 2 Clone  v.1.0

A clone of a german economy simulation by Sunflowers. The clone won't be a one to one copy, modifications and additional features are also available. Supported OS: Windows and Linux, perhabs Mac.

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